Experience Jewell In The Desert

All Students Welcome!  Journey Grant or Attractive Package Rate.                  

Plan Now For January 6-10, 2016.  

In the month of January when the Midwest is covered with snow and trees are bare, the beautiful upper Sonoran Desert northwest of Phoenix is sunny and mild.  Majestic 150-year-old saguaro, ocotillo, buckhorn and glowing, teddybear jumping cholla blanket the hillsides.  The occasional overnight rain awakens lichen-covered boulders to gleam iridescent in the morning sun as it rises over the Bradshaw Mountains.  Pristine air reveals hundred mile vistas during the day and a billion star studded sky at night.  Whitetail deer, coyote, jackrabbit, mountain lion and javelina share the desert environment with diamondback, gila, tortoise, kestrel, hummingbird, roadrunner and great horned owl.  Hundreds of mammal, reptile and bird species exchange pleasantries daily with the willing and observant human visitor.

Nestled in this unique ecosystem outside the small, western town of Wickenburg and framed by the Weaver Range, the White Range, McDowell, and Bradshaw Mountains sits 20-thousand-acre Rancho de los Caballeros, a 65-year-old guest ranch founded by Dallas Gant and his family and owned and operated today by Dallas’ son, Rusty Gant.  Los Caballeros, its environs and activities provide a splendid setting for Jewell students to experience – “Jewell in the Desert”.

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